vader forex robot review

vader forex robot review

Let’s start our vader forex robot review with a small introduction. The Forex robot trader has developed this robot by overviewing the company’s profile. We have to check the forex robot chapter with all the packages and prices. And there we observe that the cheapest robot present there was only $50 and the most expensive cost only $100.It was tough to believe that only a $50 robot can grow your account efficiently. Today we will present this Vader Forex EA with all the essential details. So, continue reading this post on Forex Scalping EA.

What is the Vader Forex EA?

This Vader Forex to the board was invented by the same team that was behind Odin trading bot. There is a hundred percent advertised of a trade with the automatic system and many details present for the hands of the trading system. The Cedar is an automated Forex Robot that makes Fibonacci Sequencing with great trading. If you want to find price support and resistance levels on the forex charge, you have to use Fibonacci levels. Not only that, the dealer turns these into very different and entry and exit thresholds.

The programs also keep brokers that trade against you in the dark by hiding it. And as a level and free to avoid stop hunting. Here are a few more features that come up with the system.


Let’s discuss some characteristics of this bot in this vader forex robot review.

  • The installation is straightforward
  • It is designed to run unintended fully prepared to handle every aspect of trading
  • Overbought and oversold re-entries
  • Used by more than 1000 traders daily
  • Work with more than 20 pairs easy drag and drop installation using this automatic stop loss and take profit level basis on a unique algorithm
  • This supports Mini, micro, and full of automatic calculations the best size to use based upon your account.

vader forex robot

The Vader Forex EA Trading Strategy

We will be doing the vader forex robot review about the strategy implemented in the operational business on the forex market. There is little information on their website that this bot uses Fibonacci levels to exchange, but not everyone knows that. The seven levels are the primary source of energy of this board working very efficiently. It allows it to analyze and determine when the market is about to trend. And find out the best way to open, close, and sell the opportunity it is trading with.

So this is another extraordinary thing about the Fibonacci strategy is the unique system that knows when the prices are rising in the market. And also studies the possible changes about and then predicts how far it will go.

Some online brokers available might leak your information. But this comes with money management techniques that are available to protect your money and your identity from hackers. Not only that, there is a stop-loss feature integrated so that you won’t lose any of your extra revenue that is established from the start. So there is nothing you have to think about Vader Forex EA has to cover up. BTW if you want to learn more about premium forex indicators you can read this article:

Currency pairs

This bot is functional with 20 different currencies for the operational purpose in the market. The most popular currency pairs are EURUSD, GBPUSD, USD JPY, EURGBP, CHFJPY, EURCHF, GBPCHF, USDCAD, NZDUSD, NZDJPY, AUDJPY, CADJPY, EURAUD. These are some of the most beneficial currency pairs this board exchanges with. Also, there is a beneficial extra for the experienced Riders that trades with multiple of their currencies on their account.

Let’s discuss some drawbacks in this Vader Forex EA review. This CA is the chart result provided online by their dealer that you can also find on their official sale page is not verified by any third-party websites or myfxbook. This can be the biggest reason for some of the traders that find this board very suspicious. We also believe that the developers should take this issue as soon as they can because, in this business, credibility plays a huge role in the customers. And it’s not enough with the many positive reviews they put on their sale pages.

How does this robot work?

There is an advanced Fibonacci strategy that has been applied by the dealers and working daily. The robot itself takes all the risk and trades the price as it moves away from the middle zone and when it Strikes Back. The dealer Unites Fibonacci threshold to make a very well designed Forex strategy also the money management system improves that take profit and loss pattern. And this do not allow to lose more of your revenue.

The team behind the Vader EA?

This team behind the a is very sure that the dealer flies up your Forex chat into tiny pieces using daily Fibonacci levels to find out the prediction about Forex trade automatically. This Vader Forex robot has been invented by, which is offering both paid and free is since 2006. Forex robots trading on their website list to claim to have more than 20 Forex robots in their Arsenal notable names such as Odin,ganin, falcon, river, pterodactyl, and many more. There is some reason which you have to consider before buying.

  • This is very powerful, intelligent, and very much accurate.
  • Te trading system is completely hands-off Advanced
  • Trading strategy daily Fibonacci levels provide a no gimmick Forex trading that is working
  • Overbought and oversold entries
  • Uses for almost 1000 for daily
  • Default Optimizer setting
  • Installation by easy drag and drop, the performance is unmatchable


The Vader Forex EA review will be incomplete if we don’t discuss the price and package. Upon visiting their website, a countdown timer informs us that the lowest price ever for the product was being offered for the next 17 hours. This shows that there is a marketing strategy to make the traders buy the robot, but that was a good sign. The initial starting price was $199, but the markdown price $99, so there is a very golden opportunity. But remember that there is a $5000 deposit requirement for the trading account.

Conclusion of vader forex robot review

There is a wrap-up portion for this vader forex robot review. We discussed earlier all the details, but we also saw some internally built TP. And SL levels for the automatic calculations. Our comment section is waiting for you to give your valuable feedback.

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