prop firm ea review

Prop Firm EA Review

Greetings! Welcome you all to Our Best Forex Scalping EA Website. We have got Prop Firm EA Review for you people to enjoy. Traders have expressed an interest in learning more about the newly released EA’s capabilities, features, and techniques. So sit back and relax because we’re about to go through all there is to know about this EA.

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What is Prop Firm EA?

Prop Firm EA is a well-designed forex robot with a low 4.20 percent drawdown and monthly returns ranging from 10% to 20%. Financial institutions such as FTMO, MY FOREX FUNDS, and others cooperate with Prop Firm EA.

Financing company tests are used to see if you can trade with a consistent profit margin while keeping your drawdown to a minimum. You’ll usually be given an account with a $200,000 funding gap after the challenge, and your earnings will be divided 50/50 between the company and the person.

After a few months of testing, our Prop Firm EA was able to fulfill the finance firms’ standards while passing the obstacle, according to the firm.

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Prop Firm EA Features

In this portion of the Prop Firm EA Review, we learned about the essential characteristics of this robot.  Features are

  • Open a trading account with a deposit of up to $200,000 and a news filter that prevents trading on days when big market events are taking place.
  • Fully automated – set it up in 5 minutes and forget it
  • Supports 25 trading pairs
  • Less than 5% drawdown
  • Use spread control when trading in a turbulent market
  • The system is set up using step-by-step instructions.

Prop Firm EA Trading Strategies

The trading tactics of the Prop Firm EA will certainly be explained in this section of the Prop Firm EA Review. Prop Firm EA trading system includes reverse trading method, as well as a grid, internal smart indicator signals, and a news filter. This EA changes to the aggressive mode when faced with a problem and includes four unique preset files; personal accounts have a low drawdown; personal accounts in aggressive mode have a low drawdown.

Traders can trade in increments of two thousand dollars, five thousand dollars, ten thousand dollars, fifty thousand dollars, and so on. USD accounts Your fund’s lot size must be specified explicitly: each 2000 USD fund has a 0.01 lot size. 1. In 10k, the lot size is 0.05 2; in 50k, the lot size is 0.25 3. For example, the lot size for a $100,000 home is 0.5, and so on.

To avoid open trade over the weekend, the EA for financing businesses will halt deals on Friday. Prop Firm EA provides a step-by-step user guide and video to help its traders.

Team Behind this Robot

The Prop Firm EA Review would be incomplete without identifying the persons who work on this EA. This totally autonomous robot was given by My Ea Academy of SINRY ADVICE WORLDWIDE, a well-known trading educational technology business that strives to provide customers all around the world with the most up-to-date trading experience. Customer assistance is available Monday through Friday. Customers may simply contact us and get answers to their questions.

Since its development in the year 2020, Sinry Advice has earned a significant quantity of currency units. Their real identities, as well as the names of the company’s stockholders, remain unknown.

Prices/Packages Available

This portion of the Prop Firm EA Review will go through the price and bundles available for this EA. There are now two packages to choose from, each with its own set of prices:

1-Year License Key

  • 14 days Money Back
  • Prize: 588 USD

6-Months License Key

  • 14 days money Back
  • Prize: 388 USD

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is usually an essential component of the Prop Firm EA Review, so we’ve included it here as well. There are currently no reviews available because this is a new EA. As a result, we’ll have to wait for user feedback on this EA.

Pros and Cons

The advantages and disadvantages of the EA will be discussed in this section of the Prop Firm EA Review.


  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • Fully automated
  • Smart Filter and Indicators
  • Full setup Guide Pdf
  • Results verified by MyFXBook
  • Passed FTMO Challenge


  • For some traders, it can high cost
  • This is a new company, so it needs to prove its market presence.


Conclusion Prop Firm EA Review

So that brings us to the end of our Prop Firm EA Review. After examining every aspect of it, we can say that this EA offers a bevy of unique and innovative features, such as various currency transactions, clever news filters, varied strategies, verifiable outcomes, and a complete FTMO challenge. This EA was questioned because of its high initial cost and the fact that it was given by a brand new business.

As a result, you should try it out on a Demo Account to see how it works for you.

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