prince fx ea review

prince fx ea review

Today we will do the Prince FX EA Review for you. It is the latest trading robot in the online forex market. Here you will come to know all the specs, pros and cons, and the different features this trading bot is holding. We will also see that either it has the stamina to compete with the other forex trading robots. It is a bit more expensive bot because it has all the new features that the different trading software does not have. If you invest your money in this robot, then first read this review to clear all your queries and doubts. Because you are investing such a big amount of your money and you need to check this software’s capacitance, either it is according to your expectations or not. So let’s get straight into it and see if this one will make our Best Scalping EA list or not.

What to expect from the Prince FX EA?

In this part of the Prince FX EA Review, we will find out the specs that this trading bot offers and how they are unique and differentiable from the other features of the trading robots in the market. It trades on 24 hours of a day and the weekends are off, similar to the other trading robots. So the trades can trade five times in a week. Talking about the security of the profits and the traders’ accounts, they are completely safe, and the traders do not have to worry about it. Also, it trades on principle on the principle of the stop loss and takes the profit. It almost terminates the risk levels in the trading for the traders of the Prince FX EA.

Many of the trading bots can initiate the trades even the market trends are reversed, but this bot does not allow the traders to trade when the uncertain conditions are applied. In this way, the profit ratios are secured. It can trade in all the possible currency pairs, commodities, metals, gold, silver, etc. it also has equity control and volatility filter. Prince FX EA has time frame management, and the other trading settings are also changeable. Let’s get a deep reviewing of this trading robot.

What are the features of the Prince FX EA?

The following part of the Prince FX EA Review will be dispatching all the features of this bot. We will also see how these features are supreme in comparison to the other trading robot’s features.

  • It is an entirely self-operated trading EA.
  • It can trade at any time of the day, 24 hours a day trading facility.
  • This EA can trade in all the 20 currency pairs and the commodities, oils, metals, silver, and gold.
  • The trading accounts are safe and entirely protected. It has the volatility filter, so no trading in reversed trading trends.
  • Time frame is set 15 minutes, but due to the time frame management system’s availability in this robot. It can be changed as per preference.
  • The principle of the take profit and stop loss is implemented for the satisfaction of the traders.
  • The coding lines are very safe, and the traders can trade in a very relaxed and appropriate manner.
  • It uses the Meta Trader 4 platform so that the broker will be according to the traders’ choice.
  • The drawdowns are also very low and can be manageable. In this way, the trades are free to be done.

princefx ea

What is the trading Strategy that Prince FX EA uses?

This section of the Prince FX EA Review will be guiding you with the trading methodology of this trading robot. The volatility filter in the Prince FX EA is very important in avoiding the losses. What does it do? Many times the trading trends’ get opposite to the favorable market trends. If the traders trade in these uncertain conditions, then the chance of risks becomes very high, and the profit rates are decreased to a much greater extent. So the traders do not trade in these opposite market trends. It supports the MT4 site, and the currency pairs are also of the likings of the traders.

The trading time is set as 15 minutes of the trades. And this time set in the default settings means that it is perfect for the trade according to the expert advisors of this trading bot. The drawdowns and the ultimate risk levels are very low here, so this feature is very relaxing for the traders. It is also an entirely valuable and trustworthy product because its live results can be checked from the accounts of the official website of the Myfxbook. And you can also visit other forex blogs to check the clarity of this bot. You will find most of the reviews and comments pretty positive.

Prices and the packages of the Prince FX EA?

This Prince FX EA Review will be incomplete if this section is not included in the review. We will be revealing all the prices and the offers of this trading EA.

Starter plan. Its price is 2500 USD, and you will get one license and 20 real accounts, and limitless demo accounts.

  • Standard plan.

Its price is 3900 USD, and you will get two license and 40 real accounts, and limitless demo accounts.

  • Ultimate plan.

Its price is 5900 USD, and you will get five license and 80 real accounts, and limitless demo accounts.

  • Corporate plan.

Its price is 9900 USD, and you will get ten license and unlimited real accounts, and limitless demo accounts.

Conclusion of the Prince FX EA Review

These are the concluding lines of the amazing Prince FX EA Review. We have done all the essential parts and guided you about this trading bot in a very detailed way to be helpful for you guys. The website of the Myfxbook can also verify its success records. So do check our other trading EA’s on our website. Also, share your kind opinions if you have tried this forex trading bot.

Thanks for reading this Prince FX EA Review.

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