omega trend ea review

Omega Trend EA Review

Today we welcome you to the Omega Trend EA Review. In this blog, we will discuss the most important features and all the relevant specifications related to the whole performance of this robot in the forex market. Like always, we will be going through all the trading strategies of this robot, all the benefits and flaws, the price packaging, overall everything.

If you have any plan to purchase and invest your money in this to not but you are unsure about this option. So stick to this blog till the end. Not only that, but we also have other reviews with honest opinions about this robot. You can also check it out if you are planning to start a forex business. Will the Omega trend CA make our best Forex robot page.

Will we add this one to our best scalping ea page?

What is Omega Trend EA? 

In our blog, we will be doing an Omega trend EA review. Let’s start with what is this robot? This robot is started by a company called FXautometer. Just like many other robots by this company, it is fully automated trading software. It is much customizable and matchable to your trading expectation. The features of this robot are very different from the rest of the other EA’s. It stands out from the most popular robots because there is a backtest option available for each one of the supported currencies. This time we are here with a live verification result from myfxbook. This sounds like some great news from all the traders who want transparency and clear results right before buying the robot.

Features of Omega Trend EA?

We will look into the specifications in the Omega Trend EA review in detail.

  • High slippage and high-speed protection come with money management settings to protect all your revenues.
  • Fully automated trading software, you can operate with the Omega trend EA while using other robots on the same account.
  • There is a customizable setting with all the specifications of this robot.
  • This robot trades automatically on the specific hours, which is alterable.
  • There are a lifetime update and customer support.
  • The profit and broker protection system is installed.
  • There is a backtest available on the official website.
  • Live verified results also available from myfxbook.
  • There are three-time frames available, which are for 1 minute,5 minutes, and 15 minutes.
  • Ticker technology is executed.

Who is behind Omega Trend EA?

Our Omega trend EA review will not be completed if we don’t give you an insight into the creators and the team behind it. This time we have a lot of information about the developers.

So far, this robot is made by a company called FXautometer, located in Bulgaria. The creator’s name is Lachezar Krastev.

The team is working in this industry for 12 years now, and they still have many other Forex robots in the online market. These are much trustworthy and reliable. If you are not a newbie in this industry, you must have known and utilized their product for sure, but if you don’t know them, there is Forex Diamond EA, WallStreet 2.0 evolution, Forex gold investor, Forex trend detector, and much more.

omega trend ea

Omega Trend EA Trading Strategy

In this section of the Omega Trend EA Review, our creative team invests their time to examine the whole strategy behind this trading robot.

Till now, there is a support present for two major currency pairs, which is GBPUSD and EURUSD. You can say that this might be a drawback for most experienced Forex traders because the experienced traders always look for more pairs of currencies to be exchanged. In this way, they don’t need to purchase multiple currencies to read.

A good thing is the developers provide backtests for each pair, and these are over nine years old so that we can analyze much better its overall performance.

This Omega trend EA is having very much different specifications and a very customizable setting, which makes it unique from the rest of the robots. Not only that, there is a money management option which is to protect your revenues and choose the right amount of money according to you.

Omega Trend EA has four main strategies that make it one of the most beneficial ones. These are trend spotting, strategy diversity, and dynamic entries and exits. Every one of them works together to bring the best performing result while exchanging money and business.

We also said before that it has come to the most amazing feature, like Profit and broker protection, to keep your account and revenue safe. This option is easily customizable, which allows you to change the robot and meet your demand and standard. Don’t forget to operate with another robot while having this one because this supports multi-currency, and it’s completely safe with your account.

Price and Packages

In this section of Omega Trend EA Review, we will be sorting out all the available information about the robots to purchase. At this point, we have found only one offer for this robot. The good news is that it comes with a discount of 20% of the final price.

  • There is one real account.
  • The three demo accounts.
  • Customer support is available 24/7.
  • Money-back guarantee for about a month.
  • Normal Price: USD 97.
  • Discounted price: USD 77.

In terms of payment choices, you can get paid with an international credit card such as Visa Card, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. If you don’t want to share your banking information, the option of PayPal is also available.

Let’s dive into the pros and cons of the robot.



  • Many backtests are available for each of the currency pairs.
  • Live verification results from myfxbook.
  • Operational with multi-currency.
  • There are many time frames available for each currency pair.
  • The price is very much affordable.
  • We have real information about the creator and the whole team.


  • Lack of information about trading strategy
  • It only trades with only two major currency pairs.

Conclusion of Omega Trend EA Review

Now summing up the Omega Trend EA review, we have done with all the important information. Now we are impatient to know about your choice and review about this Robot.



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