jet trader pro ea review

Jet Trader Pro EA review

This time we bring you the Jet Trader Pro EA review, and we welcome you all. Like always, we will be encountering all the important topics you must have known before deciding to invest in the trading robot for your business Forex account.

Keep reading this blog because it will be very interesting for all those who are into the forex market. Because you will be finding all the information about this EA and the performance and the strategy behind it. You will get to know will the Jet Trader Pro makes the list of best Forex robots or not. So, continue reading this review on Forex Scalping EA.

What is Jet Trader Pro EA?

This chat trader Pro is a fully automated Forex Robot that is working 100% automatically on the market of Forex. Not only that, this is very stable and very unique from the others. According to the developer, they say that it can generate a stable profit monthly with an over 20% accuracy rate per trade.

There is much evidence present on their sale page of the website, which is also verified by the third party website, so you know that this one is not a fraud in any way. You can easily find it out by yourself by clicking the pictures they have provided. You can also see and analyze the overall performance of this robot by yourself.

In this Jet Trader Pro EA review, we will also talk about the drawback. The only one we found out that there is only one currency pair they can trade out is EURUSD. But this is the major currency in most of the vendor’s deals.

For the trading strategy, you have three different types of modes available; they are aggressive, normal, and safe, so each of them has a different setting and different deposit to start trading right now.

Like always we said, you are completely allowed to choose the setting according to your current situation and your budget. Also, remember anyone will benefit from this depending on himself. So it does not matter if you are just starting in the business, or you are a newbie who doesn’t know about anything because you will get success too within and in a short time.

Features of Jet Trader Pro EA

In this section of the Jet Trader Pro EA review, we will be overviewing all the important features and specifications.

  • Profit is 2334 pips
  • Monthly profit up to 20%
  • Drawdown is very low
  • It is fully automated
  • Trades only in EURUSD
  • The price protection strategy is vibrant.
  • It has three different trading modes: safe, normal, and aggressive.

Who is behind Jet Trader Pro EA?

This Jet trader Pro E A review will not be completed if we do not discuss the developers. Because according to us, discussing the team and the creators are very important in the forex business. So far, we are successful in finding out that this product has been developed by Jack McKinnon. He initiated this company in 2012, where Forex trading is very new to everyone, and his team contributed very much in the forex market and working till now. Few of the forex robots that are very popular are Arbitron EA Leap FX Trading Academy, Star Trader EA, and Jet Trader Pro EA.

So there is a good reputation because of the amazing teams of creators and good reputation of customer support. Not only that, all the bots created by these developers have verified results from any third party websites like myfxbook.

jet trader pro review

Trading Strategy of this EA

Let’s discuss the trading strategy of the Jet Trader Pro EA review. Before discussing, we will say that after my studying and analyzing, there is not much detail about the trading strategy of this robot available anywhere. On their official website, it is not only stated that it uses a vibrant price protection strategy, so this system allows the EA to collect profit and passive income in a very safe way.

This Jet Trader Pro EA does not allow you to work at any unnecessary risk. So in this way, your trade will be much safer even if the trades are supposed to lose, and the different techniques and strategies made for this robot is a very unique and spontaneous lot of Precision while marketing.

A little drawback that was found apart from working only with a currency pair is that this Bot Works with a grid trading strategy, and the developers don’t mention this on their sale pages. But you will find out if you read the myfxbook live account .we all know that grid strategy doesn’t have a very good reputation among the forex market because it blows up the account.

For the different trading modes available, there are three you can choose from them. These are sade, normal and aggressive mode. According to your budget, it depends upon all the risks behind the trades and requires a different deposit to start trading immediately. They are using a very similar trading strategy like fissured in the forex MegaDroid review.

Safe Mode

  •   USD 3000
  •   300 USD for micro account
  •   USD 30 for cent account

Normal mode 

  •   USD 2000
  •   200 USD for micro accounts
  •   USD 20 for cent account

Aggressive mode 

  •   USD 1000
  •   100 USDfor micro account
  •   USD 10 for cent account

Jet trader pro EA packages and Prices

In this section of the Jet Trader Pro EA review, we will be discussing and compiling all the official results available on the website of this EA. We must say that they are not exactly inexpensive and very much affordable but if you think about the number of earnings and the profit. We will make while using this robot, and you might change your mind. Because when you see both the offer and the same feature, one of them has a lifetime license, and the other will have to be renewed every year. So you have to choose very much mindfully which offering is very much adequate for you right now.

Jet Trader Pro Year license

  • Price USD 347
  • Full software
  • Settings are very much decent
  • Hands-on support
  • Updates for lifetime
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

Jet trader Pro lifetime license

  • Price for USD 697
  • Software is full
  • Settings are best
  • Hands-on support
  • Lifetime updates money-back guarantee of a month.


  • Verification from the third party
  • Stable revenue generation every month
  • Customizable setting 1-hour time frame
  • Lifetime free updates
  • Money-back guarantees for one month.
  • You can start with only $100 in your Forex account.
  • Working with any MT4 MetaTrader


  • Prices are very expensive for some of the users.
  • If you can’t afford the lifetime license, you have to renew the license yearly.
  • Operational with only one pair of currency
  • Risky grid strategy.

Conclusion of Jet Trader Pro EA Review

Finally, in this section of the Jet Trader Pro EA review, we have discussed all the important pages of this robot. Now we will be waiting for your thoughts in our comments section.

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