grid master pro review

Grid Master Pro review

Today we are doing Grid Master Pro Review for you guys. It is a professional and updated version of the previously launched EA, BF Grid Master. And it was a free trial version for the traders. As compared to the previous launched EA, it has many innovative features for the enhanced profits as the result of successful trades. The developers have added many additional specs like Friday exits, news filters, time frame management, notification filters, and many more. This has made this trading robot pretty easy to handle and flexible.

This Grid Master Pro Review will be 100% genuine, and our honest reviews will come to you. So you have continued to read this article till the end to understand all about it clearly. Stay tuned, and let’s start this review. Will the grid master pro ea make our best scalping ea list?

What is Grid Master Pro?

Grid Master Pro EA is a very profitable and advantageous trading robot that comes relatively unique trading strategies. It uses the grid strategy to trade. Now the use of grid Strategy while trading becomes controversial sometimes. The reason is that some traders like it very much, and some do not find it a nice option, and it is also not appreciated at all by them. In grid strategy, the traders have to trade very consciously and enter the trades and then exit with logic. This grid strategy is most suitable for the expert traders because they are experienced about the market trends. If it is not done carefully, then your trades can drastically fall.

Grid master Pro uses GBPUSD currency pairs as recommended by the advisors, but the trader can choose according to their choice. It supports other currency pairs too. It also has some more specs that are not available in the different grid strategy EA’s. They provide safe trading lines with pretty high frequencies that enable the traders to earn an ample amount of profits. It requires entering into the market trends at the right time so that the risk levels remain low. If we separately talk about the risk levels on this trading robot, they are quite high, but they also depend on the effort and the trading experience of the trader.

This high-frequency trading trend also allows little scalping strategy for the traders to identify the original market trends. And if uncertainties occur in the market or trends reverses, it also allows the traders to come out of that market trend and move to the other. The risk levels can be decreased while using grid Strategy by selecting the safest directions of trading trends and then in only that profitable direction and flow. This can be a little difficult, but a trader can learn it with time.

Who is behind The Grid Master Pro EA?

This section of the Grid Master Pro Review will reveal the developers of this trading bot. If anyone wants to know about this trading bot’s developers in detail, then go and check their official website. We have analyzed the things and find out that the Forex Automated Company is the developer of this robot. This team consists of expert programmers and coders with more than 15 years of experience in the forex market. They provide the backtesting facility as well as the live verification of the results. The traders can visit the official website of the Myfxbook. There are displayed all the results of trading accounts of the traders. Hence, we can say that this product is trustworthy. Because the developers are selling approximately 30 trading robots and coming up with the trial versions, this is a good relaxation and satisfying point for the traders.

grid master pro

The primary features of the Grid Master Pro EA

  • Fifteen minutes of the recommended time frame for trading.
  • Friday exit rule for weekend gaps.
  • Effective logic trading for the traders.
  •  Email and notification system in the Pro version.
  • Overbought and oversold filters for changing market trends.
  • Innovative news filter.
  • Customizable time management system.
  • GBPUSD currency pair for trading.
  • Secured coding line for the recoveries.
  • Reverse options on changing market trends.
  • Minimum starting investments are 1000 US DOLLARS
  • Maximum recommended investments 3000 US DOLLARS

Grid Master Pro EA strategy

In this part of the Grid Master Pro Review, this bot’s grid strategy will be shared with you guys. As discussed above, this bot uses a full grid strategy for trading, but some traders do not find it comfortable. It also allows the traders to change the settings as they want, but it is preferred to trade with the default settings. If you change the settings and do something wrong, it will also cost you high and be careful.

The trading time frame is of 15 minutes. This time frame is appropriate because if the market trend changes and you want to reverse the trading directions, it is very convenient. The Friday exit rule is also in the strategy of Grid Master Pro EA. It strengthens the weekends and helps in clearing the gaps that are occurred on the weekends. The traders here are free of the market reverses’ worries because the reverse trade options are also available. The trading currency for the traders on this trading bot is GBPUSD. But the trader wants to trade with another currency pair, then he or she can also select that.

Prices and packages

Disclosing the prices and packages in this section of Grid Master Pro Review. So let’s see what they are offering and what is the price range?

  • One real or live account for trading.
  • Three demo accounts for trading.
  • The full notification system on PC or your phone.
  • 24/7 customer support system.

Price of the offer. 147 US dollars.

Discounted price of the offer. 117 US dollars.

Conclusion of the Grid Master pro Review

The Grid Master Pro Review is coming to an end now, we recommend this EA software, but it is necessary to have little more experience about the grid strategy. Also, don’t forget to share your personal opinion about this trading robot.

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