FX Trader Kit EA Review

Today we are here for a new classic FX Trader Kit EA Review. This trading product is top-rated in the online forex market place, so it became essential to check it out whether it is good in its working. Here is a detailed FX Trader Kit EA Review from Forex Scalping EA for you guys, and it will help all the people out there decide about this forex kit. In this FX Trader Kit EA Review, we will tell you guys about its features, trading methodology, pricing, and many more about it. So it will make you aware of all the things of the FX Trader Kit EA in a perfect way. Stay tuned and be with us till the end. We will explore this FX Kit together. Let’s do it.

What is the FX Trader Kit EA?

This kit mainly comprises two trading robots, and they are named as Traders’ Sun and Traders’ Moon. Both these trading robots have comparatively different strategies and features while trading in the online trading market. This is an entirely self-automated trading bot with ultimate features and settings and all in one kit. Moreover, the price ranges are also not too high. They are relatively moderate. These robots can also be purchased separately, and they can again trade without each other, but if you are looking for some fantastic and high rated results, then buy both of them and trade together with them.

The currency pairs and other features are also very incredible, and the traders are attracted to them very much. These trading robots are both for the long term purpose, and they trade very smoothly. The FX Trader Kit EA is very impressive for both the professional traders and beginners who are just making initiatives of the online trading business. Traders can make their business accounts grow well by trading with these two trading bots of the FX Trader Kit EA. Now we will disclose the fantastic features of the FX Trader Kit EA.

Topmost prominent features of the FX Trader Kit EA

  • In this section of the FX Trade Kit EA Review, we will briefly elaborate on this Forex Software’s features.
  • There is a complete implementation of the martingale strategy.
  • It gives a money-back guarantee within a specific time limit if the trader is not satisfied with it.
  • The trading on the FX Trader Kit EA is very smooth and easily manageable.
  • It offers quite good trading services to the traders.

There are also many other features that this trading kit is giving to its clients. It has worked hard to achieve the high standards of the online Forex market place. Both these Trading bots that are part of this kit have remarkable features and unique trading strategies. Keep reading this article. You will find some significant aspects of the Traders’ Sun and the Traders’ Moon.

Who are the people working behind the FX Trader Kit EA?

There comes the most awaited section of the FX Trader Kit Review, and our readers anxiously wait for this part. The reason behind it is, it makes clear each and everything about the creators of the particular trading bot, and here we are doing the same.

We have visited their official website and examined it in great depth, but unfortunately, we could not find anything. The creators did not leave any information about themselves or the team that has designed this trading software. Not even a single information about their official place, names of the programmers, nothing. We hope that the developers will indeed write something about themselves in the future. This thing makes the trading bot traders more confident, and they can freely purchase it without any worries.

What are the trading strategies of both the trading bots of FX Trader Kit EA?

We have already mentioned above that this trading kit has two leading trading software’s inside, Traders’ Moon and the Traders’ Sun. Let’s take a brief overview of their trading strategy one by one.

The Traders’ Moon EA

It is a fully self-operated trading robot and works entirely on the martingale strategy. Here the traders are free to trade any of the currency that they have offered. This trading bot gives many choices to the traders, and all the currency pairs are very appropriate and profitable, so the traders’ currency worries are gone here. This robot offers AUDCAD, GBPAUD, AUDNZD, NZDCAD, EURCHF, EURGPBP, EURSGD, and GBPUSD. It also has slippage and trade floating features.

The trades are completely secured here. It activates the trades in the night, most probably in the Asian continent, this makes the trades to go in a very effective way without any restrictive things. This is only possible because of the tick data strategy of this trading robot. This also aids the traders to manage their profit accounts, so they did not get scammed in any way.

The Traders’ Sun EA

The Meta Trader 4 platform fully supports the Traders’ Moon EA; this makes the traders feel free to choose any broker that they want in the trades. Similarly, it also manages the accounts because of its money management strategy, so this a very relaxing point for the traders. It does not support too many currency pairs like its brother trading bot, but it trades on EURUSD and USDJPY.

If both the robot is purchased and used consecutively, they can be proved a perfect match for you in the online forex market. So you can enjoy the great trades here.


This part of the FX Trader Kit EA Review is all about the prices and the offers. You can buy this software at 269 USD each. Giving all the updates, customer support, and 30 days of cash back guarantee.

Conclusion of the FX Trader Kit EA Review

This FX Trader Kit EA Review has cleared that it is an incredible trading software and has high patents in the forex market. So we utterly saddest these soft trading wares and share your kind opinions and your reviews about it.

Thank you for reading it!

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