fx diverse ea review

FX Diverse EA Review

We welcome all of you to the FX diverse EA review. In the next paragraph, you’ll get to know all the necessary details of how this robot got this high position in demand and trendy in the world of trading. This detail will take you to an imaginable review that will take a turn around the feature and merits and demerits along with the price range. So, continue reading this review on Forex Scalping EA.

What is FX Diverse EA?

We are exchanging only on real accounts. That’s why our results are undeniable and achievable for our users. FX Diverse EA is not very sensitive to requotes, spread, and swap, so it makes you able to market with any broker of your choice who trusts you more.

  • Gain is 758.34%
  • Monthly average 4.97%
  • Drawdown is 30.16%
  • Days in live 1367

The FX Diverse EA is a consultant which you have been looking for to trade in the market of forex, the kind of trading which you prefer. How much you want to trade successfully, the currency pairs, and the risks.

  • Profitability and stability are proven.
  • Set the profit you want to get.
  • You can use up to 3 to 28 trading pairs.
  • The accessibility to the private areas with 60 plus trading accounts using different settings.
  • You can choose and load the settings that you want.
  • No experience is required as well as forex knowledge.


Let’s take a look at the statistics in this FX diverse EA review.

fx diverse ea

Proven profitability and stability

We always trade on real accounts. That’s why all of our results are undeniable and to access for our customers. FX Diverse is not very sensitive to requote, spreads, and swaps, so it allows you to exchange with any trader, which will develop your trust level.

Set your profile that you want to achieve.

This robot allows you to set the revenue to get in one session of trading. It does not matter how much profit you’re getting. The advisor will try its best to accomplish that. Eventually, the balancing profit you got the faster order will be locked, and the system starts working more efficiently.  You can set the gain as a particular amount of money or a percentage of security just for your information.

The design of FX Diverse EA where all the settings are spontaneous and practical. It has settings for beginners as well as for experienced professionals. So pros and cons can utilize the setting and the choice we give to them in bundles. On top of everything, a detailed manual and our team for your support are always there to help you with any query.

Use from 3 to 28 trading pairs

The market analysis is very goodbye this EA. It allows you to trade faultlessly with any of the currency pairs. That’s why you can select from 28 pairs which suit you the best. The rate of orders directly depends on the pairs you choose. Contrary to the fewer pairs you choose, the more detailed orders will be opened, and the market’s opening will be less systematic.

No experience and knowledge is required

The design of FXDiverse is that all the settings are very involuntary and acceptable. It has this option for both experts and newbies. So our EA can be used for its flaws and both. Together with EA, you’ll be having a detailed manual, and the support team is always present to answer any query and relieve all your confusion.


Trading technique of the FX Diverse EA

This section of the FX diverse EA review will disclose all the trading strategies implemented for this EA.

Our primary job is to specify the amount of money you want to achieve. Then the currency pairs that you will be bartering with on the ever-changing market circumstances. And with that, tell them how often you wish to trade with the desired risk. With the different understanding level of the market, so when you choose many foreign currencies to exchange all at a time. The robot will be opening too many other traders repeatedly. The robot itself has a manual, so you don’t need to worry.

The most common currency pairs are GBPUSD, AUDUSD, AUDJPY, EURGBP. But you can choose from the 28 pairs of different currency pairs.

Package and price of FX Diverse EA

FX Diverse Unlimited

  • Only one license for any of the accounts.
  • Changing accounts online unlimited times.
  • Accessibility to the no go areas.
  • Free updates
  • Quick support 24/7


  • License for any of the accounts for a year.
  • Changing account online unlimited number of times
  • Access to private areas.
  • Quick support for 24/7.

Prices and packages of the FX Diverse Expert Advisor

This is the first thing that people want to know when developing any service online on the web. There is full transparency in this FX diverse EA review about all the packages they benefit from the potential clients.

Yearly package:

In the yearly package, you can update the app freely and the software whenever you want. Also, you are free to get access to customer support at any time of the day, any day of the week. The price is $235.

Lifetime package:

The golden package of lifetime offer for this forex robot gives you access to all the updates and customer support at any time; also, the user guide never fails to expire.

Also, it costs $275.

Pros of FX Diverse EA

In the following part of the FX Diverse EA review, we will be having all the benefits.

  • Verified results from all third parties.
  • Beginning friendly
  • Diversity of trading.
  • Deeply customizable.

Cons of FX Diverse EA

But not everything is perfect for doing an unbiased review and taking you here, the reader, and the most understandable evidence possible. We have to discuss all the negative aspects of the EA as well.

  • There is no availability of the backtest on the official website, .which is unusual.
  • There is no further information about the development team and the localization of the headquarters.

Conclusion of the FX Diverse EA Review

Finally, we make it to the end of FX diverse EA review, we want to say that no matter there are many drawbacks, there are many benefits as well. So we do not count this ea to the best expert advisors out there. Let us know what you are thinking about this EA in the comment section below. We eagerly wait for you.

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  • 11 years off Backtesting reports
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