funnel trader review

Funnel Trader Review

We are here with a funnel trader review for you today; maybe you’re aware of forex EA that has taken over all the attention in the forex market. If you don’t know that, let us make you aware. We got to know that many of you are showing their interests in a safe and easy method to invest money to generate their revenue, so we’re here at the right time for you. Let us shut and open the funnel trader and make your money profitable. So gear yourself up and let us explore this automated trading with its specification, cost, and pricing. So let’s find out if we can add the funnel trader ea to our best scalping ea list or not.

Funnel trader.

There is a brief period for opening and close positions, forex robots that analyze market structures. There are short-term trends that are behind “funnel traders,” according to authors. The advisors of funnel traders recognize the short term trend and exchange in that direction.

What is funnel trader EA?

There is an incredible addition called funnel traders in the forex market. It is an exchange method with an automated system to analyze the market patterns instead of unknowingly indicating in a problematic direction. You have to sit back after customizing your settings, and funnel traders will be doing all for you. It will govern your trade from opening and close.

You don’t require any investing experience for the forex trading on funnel traders EA. The installation is effortless, and it comes with a customizable setting, and once you’re done, there is no other work required from you.

We can say that an online trading market is a perfect place where you can trade in a way that suits you and your style, and with time and experience, the individual can get high profits from the online trading marketplace.

The multiple options of concurrency also attract traders, and there are many currency pairs with various properties. All are used according to the preferences and likings of the traders. Trader or the business runners do not like to lose their money in the online trading market.

Creator of Funnel trader EA.

Lace hunter is the name behind the extremely profitable tools. He is anonymous to us because he is a hardworking person like us with more experience. He has so much knowledge of forex trading that he knows every minute of it. And obviously, he knows what effect forex trading has and developed a system to make it easier for you. He used his errors to make your work error-free. You can skip these errors and start directly with profits.

funnel trader

What is a trading strategy?

This Funnel Trader Review contains information related to the trading strategy of this product. We will be telling the details behind the forex robot in this Funnel trader EA review. Mainly it works on the protected profit-taking strategy.  This process makes it different from all the other forex robots. Funnel traders will be helping you to earn profit in a direction in short term trends by analyzing. These short-term trends are, in reality, the market values on a quick basis that will help Funnel trader Ea to open, shut, and follow the steps of your customization setting.

There is a mini-trend in this system. If there is a chance for the profit to go down, it will soon show in the graph.  So there is no risk in different marketing currencies. It will be a nice uptrend and cancels the chance of loss.


The pricing section of this Funnel Trader Review is essential to read if you are interested in buying this EA. There are multiple funnel options available for the funnel traders. The total cost of a monthly subscription is $127, while annual charges are $497(a fantastic discount of 67%). In that case, you can also sign up for the 14 days testing trial for only $5. There is a possibility of your choice. Maybe you don’t like annual subscriptions, so make sure to go through the details. The developers claim a money-back guarantee of 2 months.

Package no. 1: $397 to one year access to funnel trade EA

Package no.2: $799 for lifetime access to funnel trade EA.

Features and specifications.

In this Funnel Trader Review, we will be discussing the main features of this EA.

Trading style: trend trading

Developer: Lance Hunter ( William Morrison)


Broker: any mt4 forex broker.

Recommended minimum deposition: $200

Price: 2 weeks trial for $5, then three payments of $297 (total of 891) or $127 per month.

Refund policy: 2 months money back (through JVZoo payment processor.)


  • Free to download
  • Trading results in 4 years
  • 1-2% of monthly profits.
  •  Funnel traders are one of the very few systems that offer investor access.
  • You can get verification from third party service like myfxbook confirmation available to get results from live accounts.
  • According to the setting, every trade is settled.
  • A very glass transparent system that works in an automated manner.
  • A rightful system that works, and you jump in at the right time.
  • It’s a set and forgets system; you don’t have to work hard.
  • The payment method and plan is affordable.


  • If you want the desired profit, funnel traders require more time. And more patience too.
  • Dealers don’t come up with the details about the specifications.
  • Low rate of rate win
  • The factor is low profit.

Conclusion of Funnel Trader Review

Now concluding our Funnel Trader Review. There is a system called funnel traders that look very pleasant on the sheet. In truth, it seems too good to be true. While the developers and makers claim the system is fluctuating across several banknotes and currencies. There are some grid-like and martingale elements present. The overall design has a low yearning (average pips per trade). While what is concerning is the drawdown. As different parts of the hunt and tracking will be indicating different outcomes and results.

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