forex trend detector review

Forex Trend Detector Review

We are going to do a Forex Trend Detector review today. We will be learning more about the details and techniques of this robot here. Here we will be discussing the characteristics, cost, pros, and cons. Also, we will see the execution and trading method. Consider this as your golden ticket for the Forex Trend detector review if you’re planning to invest in robot trading. Also, Best Scalping EA will be uploading more in the future, so don’t forget to check the full blog.

What exactly the Forex trend detector EA is?

The Forex trend detector is an ingenious and efficient robotic system. Not only that, it’s entirely an automation tool used as the Forex trading software for the people. It’s not newly launched, but it’s fully updated and has a lot of new upgrades. Not only this robot obeys smart money like no other automation device. The exciting thing is it has money management options too that allows the robot to earn more revenue.  The drawdown is comparatively low from the revenue generation. This Forex trend detector is using the MT4 trend indicator in a premium version.

Your choice matters in case of choosing the right strategy. There are three different types of styles with varying sorts of risk levels. Also, it exchanges with two major currency duos. These are EURO USD and GBP USD. Now to find more details about the Forex Trend detector, keep scrolling down for the whole interview.

Specifications of this EA

  • This detector has a money-back guarantee of a month.
  • Depending on the levels of risks, it has three different types of trading modes.
  • This detector has high slippage and protection.
  • Specification of Taking profits.
  • Highly smart money management system
  • Smart self-adaptation to market condition.
  • 100 percent fully automated
  • A consistent income during the trading.
  • Having intuitive high-frequency features to generate more revenue.
  • Accuracy is precisely
  • Breakout is unstable
  • Rapid software.

forex trend detector

Who is behind the Forex Trend Detector EA?

You will know more about the creators and developers of Forex Trend Detector in this category. The creators belong from the FX Automator Team, according to the official website. And if you know this business for a short period, you must be aware that they are creators of remarkable robots.  Sadly, there is no further specification of them. But goodness is that they have some of the top sellers of EA’s online. This means that you are allowed to invest your money anytime. The customer reviews are available and genuinely guarantee the process.

We hope that the developers and inventors make up their minds to show their identities and their names in the coming time. Transparency is everything in this business. If they reveal themselves, it will bring many more clients, only when they step ahead and share their journey.

The program of the Forex trend detector EA trading

We will be discussing the full strategy and technique used in the Forex trend detector EA trading system. Also, we will be sneaking into the execution of trading. In this system, there are many things and features you can customize up to your preference. There are three different modes of trading available too. These are low, medium, and high risk. Each one of them also has different margins of profits.

The good thing is there is nothing to worry about the drawdowns. Because the percentage of drawdowns is comparatively very low. The profit you get from the trading is very much high then the drawdown, so it’s a win-win situation.

The outclass features, like money management, is to supervise all profits from accounts. Also, Stop-loss features to make sure that you won’t lose money than a determined one. The feature like take-profit is available, so all your trades result in profits.  This automation device is one package you need to grow in a highly successful and competitive market.

As we discussed earlier, everything about this forex trend detector review seems perfect and good to go. The best part I found is the market adaptability and the way it steps with the movement. The only drawback we found is it only trades with only a couple of currency pairs. These are EURUSD and GBPUSD. The more experienced types of traders are more likely to go with the forex robots, which support more currencies. But on this forex trend detector review, we see it’s best for only two sets. You also can make a lot of profits from these pairs. This pair is incredibly amazing to work with two teams, while others work with twenty pairs roughly. They are using several premium indicators such as the trend strength indicator mt4.

EA packages and prices

For this part of the Forex trend detector review, we are jotting down all the available prices. And at that point, only one offer for this robot was accessible. There is an excellent discount ready and make sure that you access that before the sale goes off.

  • The account is real.
  • The accounts are demo.
  • Trades available in EURUSD and GBPUSD.
  • Money-back Guarantee of 60 days
  • A lifetime update is free.
  • The user guide is available in detail.
  • Entry to private number areas.
  • Standard price: 297 USD
  • Discount price: 167 USD

The payment option is vast, as you can pay with any international credit card. You can use a Mastercard or visa. PayPal option is also there for those who don’t want to share the banking details.

Pros and cons of this EA


  • The drawdown is the minimum, so all the result is in profit.
  • The Myfxbook verifies the results of chats results.
  • Long term guarantee of profits.
  • The trading reason is active.


  • Trades are possible in only two currency pairs.that is EUR USD and GBP USD.

Conclusion of Forex Trend Detector Review

We made the verdict of this Forex Trend detector review. We are so much happy with what we have been known for. Overall, this robot system is a perfect thing to invest your savings in while you will be getting too much in this little amount of giving. The creators gave too excellent quality content with this robot, which is fantastic. Don’t forget to verify yourself on Myfxbook.  Also, make sure to review that forex trend detector EA down!

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