forex sugar review

Forex Sugar Review

Today on our Forex Scalping EA website we are presenting an amazing Forex Sugar Review for you guys. It is all about the details of the features, properties, and the trading methodology that this trading robot use in the online forex market. This product is launched new in the market, so many people are curious about this robot that either is a perfect bot for them or not. We will be doing this review in a very clear and transparent manner, and all the opinions about this trading bot will be honest ones. Do check our more reviews on the topmost incredible trading robots with their success stories.

It might be possible that you will find a perfect forex trading ninja for your trades. So let’s start reviewing this bot so that you can get all the information about it. Keep reading this article and stay tuned.

What´s Forex Sugar EA?

It is proved an incredible trading robot in a short time of its launch. This is a fully self-operated trading EA for trading. It can trade on all the methodologies that are supported by the Meta Trader 4 platform. Forex Sugar EA has secured trading codes that prevent all kinds of trading losses. This feature is admired by the traders of this robot. At the time of its launch up till now, this trading robot has gained popularity and fame in the forex market, but why is it considered too special? The reason behind it is its very unique strategy.

This trading robot does not act in the reversed direction trades. Most of the forex software trade when there are uncertain conditions in the market, and because of that, the traders have to take high risk’s in the trade. More negative risk levels and more chances of loss. So this problem is finished in this forex software. When there are uncertain conditions in the market, or there is the opposite direction of trades, then it does not allow the traders to trade.

Forex sugar EA enables the traders to trade with the currency pair they like. So it is entirely on the trader which currency pair he or she wants to trade with all the settings and features are adjustable. The trader can choose according to his liking. The time frame is also manageable. All the strategies are very bad.

Forex Sugar Packages

This section of Forex Sugar Review is presenting to you all the deals and the packages that this trading bot is offering. So let’s see either the prices are also good and trader friendly like the strategies and the features. So the prices of the forex sugar software are quite moderate and affordable.

Offer no. 1: Standard price.99 USD.

  • Full notification system.
  • All updates and upgrades.
  • Multiple currency pairs.
  • Complete access to the trading software.
  • One real account for trading.
  • Unlimited demo or trial accounts.
  • Twenty-four hours of customer service.

Offer no. 2: Standard price.267 USD.

  • Full notification system.
  • All updates and upgrades.
  • Multiple currency pairs.
  • Complete access to the trading software.
  • Five real accounts for trading.
  • Unlimited demo or trial accounts.
  • 24 hours of customers service

forex sugar


In this part of the Forex Sugar Review, we will be highlighting the strategy or the methodology of this trading software. So it is not very complicated. It is quite a simple trading way. It Is fully supporting Meta trader 4site and also all the currency pairs that determine the capability of your trade, these are EURGBP, XAJUSD, XAUUSD, and AUDUSD. The Time frame recommend for the Forex Sugar EA is 15 minutes, M15, and according to the advisors, it is best to enter and exit the trades safety and timely.

It works on the stop loss and takes profits strategy. This reduces the chance of risk in the market and enables the traders to earn a good amount of profits. And if the strategies are maintained, then this profit ratio will continuously flourish. The traders can also choose their broker so that spreads remain low. This trading EA becomes inactive when the market trends change, so the losses are prevented very much. Its strategy is very basic. No martingale, as well as no grid strategy, is used here.

The Forex Sugar EA provided their traders the confirmation of results. The forex sugar claims beneficial results to the trader, so if anyone wants to clear the doubt about its performance, then go visit the official site of the FX Blue. All the results of the live accounts are available there.

EA Features

This Forex Sugar Review will also tell you about the features of the trading robot.

  • The major currency pairs are available for trade here. EURGBP, AUDUSD, XAJUSD, XAUUSD. These are very amazing and profitable currency pairs.
  • The time frame can be changed. The default time frame is 15 minutes for this trading robot.
  • Take profits, and stop-loss terminology is followed here.
  • It doesn’t like volatility, so the traders are not supposed to trade in reversed market trends.
  • It is fully mechanized and linked with the meta transfer four platforms.
  • The coding lines are also safe and secured.
  • It does not use martingale and grid strategy while trading.
  • You can personalize this bot. All the settings strategies and the features can be adjusted according to the preference

Who are the people behind Forex Sugar EA?

The trust-building of the clients in the online trading market is very crucial. If all the information about the creator of the bot is not cleared, then the traders somehow hesitate to purchase the trading robot. We have tried a lot to find more details about it but could not. Luckily we found a single person’s name, Mr. Brian Jones, and nothing more. But we expect more, so we hope that there would be more information in the future.

Conclusion of the Forex Sugar Review

For now, we are wrapping up the Forex Sugar Review. We are not sure that either this will be able to stand out or not. So we do not recommend it now. Although the strategies are good for us, there is no transparency about the creators of the Forex Sugar EA.

Also, share your important opinions with us. Thanks for reaching us out and reading this Forex Sugar Review.

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