Forex Gold Investor Review

Forex Gold Investor Review

This Forex Gold Investor Review will help you a lot. The forex market is flourishing and increasing its dimensions on every day. New forex software is launched one after the other and with every new launched product the curiosity of the people become more and more. We are here to share all the information regarding to the newly launched product for you guys. We assure the most transparent and clear reviews. Today we are doing the Forex Gold Investor Review for you guys. We will share with all the major as well as minor details about the Forex Gold Investor EA.

So without getting late we should start this review. We also assure that it would be really an informative review and it will clear all the questions in mind related to this trading bot. Will we add this one to our Best Scalping ea page?

Let’s get into it!

What is the Forex Gold Investor?

This trading bot is a newly launched product in the market. Gold investor has shown big hypes in the online trading market. And because of its incredible features and the strategies told by the advisors the eyes of all the traders is on this trading bot. Forex Gold Investor EA is an entirely self-atomized EA software. It is giving the highest profit ratios of the Forex market. But is it really possible that it is giving the highest gains? In this part of the Forex Gold Investor Review, we will overlook the basics of this trading EA. It runs on the broker supported by the Meta Trader 4 platform.

It also regulates the spy module in the trades. This is the brand new strategy which is present in the newly launched forex product. These all the innovative and incredulous features and the strategies are the reason behind its success in the Forex market place. What about the currency pair that it’s using? Either it is multicurrency supported or not. So the answer to this question is here. It is not multicurrency supported. It only allows the traders to trade in one currency pair and it is gold, XAUUSD.

The time frame is also adjustable the traders can select according to their likings and which suits them best. If we consider the recommendations and the suggestions of the expert advisors so, it should be set as M15. This time frame is perfect for entering and exiting the market trends in right timings. There are hundreds of settings, all those can be changed and the trader can personalize their trading bot the way they want. So it is very convenient for the traders. It allows the traders to trade in the way that suits their mind set.

The features of the Forex Gold Investor EA

Forex Gold Investor Review is now giving all the information about the features of this trading bot. we will also see how it is distinguishable from the features of the trading bots.

  • It is fully mechanized trading robot.
  • It trades on gold currency.
  • The time frame can be easily manageable.
  • It integrates the volatility filter.
  • A feature of news notification is available.
  • Its settings are completely customizable.
  • It trades on the stop loss and take profit terminology.
  • Verification of the results from the website of Myfxbook.
  • Risk levels can be set on this trading bot.
  • The drawdowns are pretty much lessened.
  • It is perfect for the traders initiating the online trades.

This was the list of the most prominent features of the Forex Gold Investor ea.

forex gold investor

What is the treading strategy of the Forex Gold Investor EA?

This part of the Forex Gold Investor Review will cover in detail the strategy that is commonly applied by this trading bot. it is claiming very high profit gains. And they also have the proof that clearly shows the highest profits in the online trading market. So we can say that this trading bot really has the potential to make the accounts more profitable and successful. Forex Gold Investor EA provides the verification of the live results of the accounts of the traders. The results can be seen on the official website of the Myfxbook.

The gold currency pair, XAUUSD is used by the traders in the Gold Investor EA. It only trades on a single currency pair. It completely regulates the stop loss and take profit rule. It also has the volatility filter. Now what is the volatility filter? We all are familiar with the fact that there is no security of the forex market trends and ultimately there is no security of the of the profit ratios that you are looking to earn in the online trading market. So the Forex Gold Investor has come up with a solution. It does not trade when the market trends reverses and the movement of the price actions changes. So the losses can be prevented easily buy using the volatility filter.

Moreover the coding lines for the trades are also very safe. This is a reason of mental peace of the traders trading on this amazing trading software.

Prices and the packages available for the traders of Gold Investor EA

Here we are, telling you about the pricing in the Forex Gold Investor EA Review. It also gives the promotional offer to the traders. So let’s see what they are offering and what does they include.

Normal price of the offer. 397 USD.

Discounted price/promotional price. 197 USD.

  • The availability of the advance news filter.
  • Fully customizable and adjustable settings.
  • Less drawdowns chances and risk levels while trading.
  • Money back guarantee within 60 days of time limit.
  • 1 real/live account for trading.
  • Unlimited demo or the trial accounts.
  • The payment methods are also very convenient and comes up with more common methods, Visa, debit card, and PayPal.

Conclusion of the Forex Gold Investor Review

Wrapping up the Forex Gold Investor Review, we must say that the trading strategies and the features are too good. This robot is also perfect for the beginners because they do not need to circle around the currency pairs. It also gives money back guarantee of 60 days and the profit potentials are also up to a great satisfactory extent. We hope it was an informative review for you guys. Thanks for reading.

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