Forex Earth EA Review

Forex Earth EA Review

We are today doing the Forex Earth EA Review for you guys. The traders and the forex trading market’s demands have been geared up, and the traders are now expecting the most advanced properties of the trading software so that the traders can earn substantial profits and full their accounts with the profits from the online trading market. You will find many blogs and third-party websites where the reviewers have given their opinions about the Forex Earth EA Review. But here you will find all the details about this trading software, and in the end, you will be able to decide on your own whether you should buy this robot or not? There is nothing to delay. Let’s start this Forex Earth EA Review for you guys on the Forex Scalping EA website. Keep reading this review until the end.

What is the Forex Earth EA?

Forex Earth EA is a self-mechanized trading bot. It is an autopilot and works on its own. It trades on the brokers of the Meta Trader 4 site, and the traders can also trade with the ECN brokers if they prefer them, so in this regard, Forex Earth EA provides many choices to the traders. If we talk about the Forex Earth EA’s trading strategy, then it uses a scalping strategy. It is beneficial in the trades because it helps the traders to find the trading trend, then examine the range of the trade and, in the end, the direction of the trading trends. This provides an opportunity for traders to trade well in the online trading market.

Forex Earth EA uses significant currency pairs for trading purposes. Although it supports limited currency pairs, those currency pairs are profitable. The traders can trade in XAUUSD, GBPCHF, and EURUSD. EURGBP, and some more on the list. The time for the trades is set to 5 hours as default, but it can be changeable. The traders can trade in between 1 hour to 5 hours as their preference. So the traders do not face any problem regarding the time frame of the trades. The stop loss and take profit terminology is also applied very correctly in the Forex Earth EA. The risk levels are pretty much maintained in the Forex Earth EA.

The previous record of the Forex Earth EA is quite good. To maintain the traders’ reasonable profits rates using this trading, the experts have done many changes in the features and the trading strategies so that they can convince the traders best according to the expectations. Because of the consistency of the excellent trading ratio, it is famous in the forex trading marketplace.

The features of the Forex Earth EA

  • It is automated trading software.
  • The traders can adjust the settings of this robot the way they like.
  • It is fully integrated by the Meta trader four platforms and the brokers of ECN too.
  • It trades in good currency pairs. EUR, USD, CHF, GBP, etc.
  • The risk levels are comparatively less.
  • Scalping is the primary trading strategy used here.
  • Drawdowns are also very low, can be adjustable.
  • The profits, as well as the trading accounts of the traders, are safe and secure.
  • It trades on the rule of taking profit and stop loss.

Who are the developers of the Forex Earth EA?

This section of the Forex Earth EA Review will reveal the actual developers of this bot. On the official website, the Forex Earth EA, there is no clear information about this trading bot’s creators. But is designed by the expert team of the Forex Automated Company. It is a well-known forex Software Company and sells almost 30 plus trading bots to the traders in the online trading market. The forex experts have over 61 years of experience, so in this way, they are delivering the best in the online trading market. They also have given their email address on their official website. It is for the purpose that anyone wants to clear his/her any doubt or query related to this robot.

What is the trading strategy for the Forex Earth EA?

The trades on this trading bot are profitable. This robot is a new version of the previous one. This trading software updates its features and the specs every year, and all the strategies and the feature are the latest ones.

For now, this trading bot trades on scalping technology. This is very easy, and the traders do not have to do much in this technology. They have to wait for the most profitable trends and enter the trade-in right time. The topmost prosperous and stable currency pairs are used by the traders here. They offer the packages in which there are corresponding currency pairs. We will see them in the pricing section of the Forex Earth Review.

Here the time frame differs from 1 hour to 5 hours. The traders can trade in the time they want, so the time frame is entirely manageable. The profits are secured because it has the strategy in which the traders can trade up to a limit. When this limit ends, the trades closes automatically.

Prices of the packages of this trading software

Here are the prices of the offers that this bot and the most awaited section of the Forex Earth EA Review. So let’s check their offers.

Offer no. 1

EURUSD, currency pair.

All settings and features.

One license.

Price. 99 USD.

Offer no.2

GBPUSD, currency pair.

All settings and features.

One license.

Price. 99 USD.

Offer no. 3

EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURGBP currency pair.

All settings and features.

One license.

Price. 199 USD

Conclusion of the Forex Earth EA Review

Heading towards the conclusion of this Forex Earth EA Review, the offers’ price range, the features, and the strategies are excellent. It is also very appropriate for beginners. So it can prove the right choice. Thanks for reading this Forex Earth EA Review. Also, share your experience with this trading robot. But in general we are not a fan off this forex robot and we will also not add it on our best scalping ea page.

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