forex astrobot review

Forex AstroBot Review

Do you want to know about the Forex AstroBot, then continue reading this Forex Astrobot Review. This trading bot is developed by Rita Lasker and the green forex group. Trading with this robot allows the traders to earn up to 16,000 dollars in one month. They claim that they have made to achieve this much profit in such a short period with the trader’s minimum effort is a big thing. This is their latest launched product in the market in collaboration with both the forex group, the Rita Lasker, and the Green Forex Group. Rita Lasker has already launched many robots in the market and has made such big claims about their goodness, but they have fallen short in delivering that great trading bot. Will we add the Forex Astrobot to our best scalping list or not?

What is forex Astrobot?

In this Forex Astrobot Review, you will know what this forex Astro bot is. In the online trading market place, trading robots are considered good that have the best strategies to come up with and who can earn high potentials of profit. It is also not acceptable that a bot only shares the screenshots of the successful trades, but the trading market demands to have the live verifications of their accounts from Myfxbook or FX blue. The developers of this robot have designed this bot to trade in almost all the possible currency pairs.

Traders use the M30 platform and the time chart frame of H1 here. Astro bot also has some very amazing features. That includes remote assistance, slippage, trailing stop management system, and money management system. According to the developers of this bot, traders can trade up to any amount, but their recommendation is to start trading from 200 US Dollars.

As discussed already in the Forex Astrobot Review, the claims are too high. For the satisfaction, a girl posted a success story as her trading statement that she has earned a desirable amount of money as a profit from this bot by trading in several currency pairs. But this might not be true because of the previous record of the bots from the Rita Lasker.


forex astrobot

Forex AstroBot Trading Strategy.

In this section of the Forex Astro Bot review, this robot’s trading convenience will be shared. It is an easy, basic methodology system. But unfortunately, it does not verify the results from other websites or the third party. The traders can easily get their cash in their hands because of this robot’s smart money management. This robot has very precise features, and trading methodology and risk levels can also be very ordinary and can also reach the extremes.

Is this forex legit?

Here in this Forex Astrobot Review,  you can read if this forex Astrobot is legit or not.

  • It does not come with verified performances and results. Traders can purchase two licenses that suit them: the 99 US DOLLARS and 228 US DOLLARS. But an expert trader would move to that robot giving verified results.
  • The green forex traders have been launching products excessively, but there are no new strategies and future updates.
  • Forex Avia robot is another related robot by this same company. And in the review of that bot, it didn’t stand well. Its performance was not satisfactory at all, so the record is not good at all.
  • There isn’t available any information on the official sales page that can help in buying this robot.
  • The traders’ main issue here is that the traders have not told any trading strategy of this robot.

How does forex AstroBot work?

This section of the Forex Astrobot Review is about all the procedures and strategies used by the AstroBot traders. As there is no accurate and detailed information on its working way on the official site, so this section can help you out. It trades on the Meta Trader 4 platform and works on the H1, M15, and M30 time frame. It can trade in all the currency pairs, AUD/USD, EUR/AUD, CAD/JPY, EUR/CAD, EUR/CHF, EUR/USD, EUR/GBP, GBP/CAD, GBP/USD, USD/CAD, USD/CHF, and USD/JPY. There is not complete info about this trading EA, but the developers claim that this bot is for all the beginners, the expert traders, and even the traders finding scalping features.

forex astrobot

Features of the AstroBot?

  • It has two trading modules one is typical, and the other is the extreme.
  • The time frame chart is H1, M15, and M30 for this trading robot.
  • It has a smart money managing system that is very beneficial for the traders.
  • While exchanging money, it has very small chances of risks and hazards.
  • It is entirely self-operated trading software.
  • It provides the money trails of the online trading market to earn significant profits.

Prices and packages offered by this EA

This is the pricing section of the Forex AstroBot review. Talking about the offers and the packages’ costs, it’s quite a good game to play. The price ranges are very good. They are pretty moderate; even a beginner with a low budget can afford it.

Normal price, 328 US DOLLARS.

Discounted price, 99 US DOLLARS.

  • Trailing stop strategy.
  • Complete remote assistance.
  • Lifetime trading permissions.
  • Highly convenient exchange rates,
  • Smart money assistance.
  • Incredible settings exchange.
  • Self-mechanized trading system.
  • Full lifetime license.

Normal price, 757 US DOLLARS.

Discounted price, 288 US DOLLARS.

  • Gives access to the extra calculations.
  • Long term benefits of high-profit potentials.
  • Highly convenient exchange rates,
  • Smart money assistance.
  • Incredible settings exchange.
  • 24/7 trader’s aid and support.
  • It gives high-profit multiplications.

Conclusion of the Forex Astrobot Review

We have completed all the detailed sharing of this Forex Astrobot Review. In our deep analysis of this trading robot, we realized that it does not have the credentials to stand in competition with other very amazing online trading bots. It gives a high exchange rate, but at the same time, there is no verification of the results from Myfxbook or FX Blue. As the history of its founders is not good, and they are failed to deliver what they have promised, so in our opinion, this robot should be avoided. It is completely not on the standards of our recommendation.

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