bounce trader review

Bounce Trader Review

We are doing a completely honest and transparent Bounce Trader Review. The Leap FX Company has designed a very classy version of a trading EA that can promote the traders’ real high profits so that they can trade in the online Forex Market. The Bounce Trader EA is claiming to be the highest giving profits in the online trading market. Now it is the time to check whether it has that guts to achieve whatever it claims. In this Bounce Trader review, we will tell you guys all the details about this bot’s features, trading strategy, its developers, and the pros and cons.

From all these aspects, we will decide that either this trading EA is worth it or not. This review will be giving all the genuine reviews about it. So without any further delay, let’s get into it and find out if we will add the bounce trader to our best scalping ea list or not.

What is Bounce Trader EA?

Bounce Trader EA is a fully automated trading software launched in the Forex market in recent times. Many forex blogs and third-party websites have already reviewed this trading robot’s overall specs, and some are doing this job. We have personally analyzed this robot to check its credibility. It is also about why it is becoming so famous and gaining hype among the other Forex software in the marketplace. In this Bounce Trader Review, we will also see that either it can stand in competition with other giant trading robots who have already taken their position in the market or not.

The developers of this trading EA offer and promises 100% profit rates to the traders. Because of the strategies they are using. The traders can make their timeframe according to their trades. Here the substantial risk levels are very low. The traders are offered the take profit and stop-loss feature to keep the traders’ high self-esteem maintained, and they trade freely and fruitfully. To cover the weekend gaps and breakouts of the Saturdays and the Sundays, the Friday rule strategy is offered to the traders.

The trading lines are completely secured, and brokers cannot make the losses. While trading on the Bounce Trader EA, the accounts are protected, and there are no massive losses. Moreover, there are no martingale and hedging features.

The only drawback of this trading EA is its no support for multicurrency. This is not a pleasing thing for the traders.

The primary features of the Bounce Trading EA

  • No hedging feature.
  • No martingale while trading.
  • Fully self-operated trading robot.
  • The facility of small investment like 100 US dollars.
  • Levels of risk can be easily set.
  • Trader friendly strategies and methodology.
  • Basic trading concept.

bounce trader

Who are the creators of the Bounce Trader EA?

In most cases, the information and the details about the creators of the trading EA’S are not shared at all, but in this Bounce Trader Review, we will share with you guys the developers of this trading bot. Mr. Charlie Hudson is the developer of Bounce Trader EA. He has the Forex trading experience of many years, and that can also be seen on the results of the live accounts on Myfxbook. He has earned big profits in the online trading market and is now paving the way for success for the other traders looking for good trading Forex robots.

What is the trading strategy used by the Bounce Trader EA?

This section of the Bounce Trader Review is about the terminology and the trading procedure that it uses while trading. Momentum, key levels, and the price movements are the focal points of this EA, and they are maintained and set high in all the conditions. This trading robot does not trade on the other currency pairs that are used in the market. The traders are supposed to trade in the default currency pair. Although this trading robot is entirely customizable, its settings can be adjusted accordingly, but only if you are an expert trader.

Now you will think that what does it mean? So if you will change the settings and didn’t sit well for the trading, it can cause a high risk to your account, and even your account can be blown up. So if you are not a pro, then do not change the setting. The default settings are also very good to trade. It also provides secured coding lines with this save your profits and keep them intact. The overall trading pattern is a bit complex, but with time the trader gains the experience and ultimately increases his profit ratios.

 Prices of the packages offered by the Bounce Trader EA

One year membership of Bounce Trader EA

  • Full payment is made at once.
  • Complete access to the Bounce Trader EA software
  • 24/7 customer support service.
  • Cashback guarantee within 30 days.
  • Price; 347 US DOLLARS.

Lifetime license of Bounce Trader EA

  • Full payment at once for a lifetime membership.
  • Complete access to the Bounce Trader Software.
  • 24/7 customer support service.
  • Cashback guarantee within 30 days.
  • Price; 597 US DOLLARS.

Payment methods are; Visa, international credit card, simple bank transactions, American Express, and the trader also can use PayPal, whichever way they find convenient.


It has live verified accounts from the Myfxbook.

It gives 30 days of the money-back guarantee.

The traders can trade on the minimum amount, as small as 100 USD.

It is good for both the experts as well as beginners. But beginners should trade on default settings.


There is only one uncomfortable thing, and that is no supporting the other currency pairs. The traders cannot trade on multi-currency.

Conclusion of the Bounce Trader Review

Here are the concluding lines of the Bounce Trader Review. We have gone through all the specs of this trading robot in a very detailed way. It is a good EA with high turnouts of the trading market trends, with more chances of earning substantial money as a profit.

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