bf scalper pro review

BF Scalper Pro Review

The BF Scalper Pro Review is a complete guide about this product. Whenever a new product is launched in the market, it is claimed to be perfect for the users. Similarly, the online trading market is launching exclusive products daily. BF Scalper Pro EA is a new trading bot that is launched just in recent times and is becoming the traders’ eyes. This BF Scalper Pro EA is the topmost successful and amazing trading robot in the market. This BF Scalper Pro EA Review will finely coverall the specs in the best way. And yes, it would be a little different from other reviews of the blogs on the internet. So are we ready for our most honest and transparent reviews? So dear friends, stay with us and continue reading this incredible BF Scalper Pro EA Review. Will we add the BF Scalper Pro to our Best Scalping EA list?

What is BF Scalper Pro EA?

As other trading robots are fully automated in the market, similarly, the BF Scalper Pro EA works on the same phenomenon as per demand. The developers first launched the old version in the market on February 6th, 2019. After the successful journey of BF Scalper, a new version was launched with various updates and upgrades for the traders. Its new version was launched on January 21st 2020. If anyone wants to try the free trial version of this trading bot, it is still available.

You can visit their official site and have an amazing experience with it. The risk levels are much decreased very much in this version. The reason behind this is the developers are using Bollinger bands. This is for the prevention of breakouts in the trading market while trading. It gives the exact approximations of entering and exit time. In this way, the trades become very effective, and traders can go well with the profits. It also supports the Meta Trader 4 platform for trading.

What is the history of BF Scalper Pro?

The forex automated company is one of the most top-selling trading bots in the market. This forex company is selling over 30 plus trading EA’s just for free, no money installations. So this assurance is enough to clear that this trading bot is from a well-reputed company. A team of Forex Company designs BF Scalper Pro called Lachezar Krastev. This team has also gathered up a team of experts advisers for the traders using their trading EA’s.

The Forex Automated Company launched an old version of this trading robot. We used to call it the BF Scalper EA on the official website of the company for free. At that time, traders tried this bot and find many incredulous features and trading strategies in it. Then it was considered a pretty good trading software for their proper trades. Hence it got much fame in a short time. To please the traders, the developers decided to go for a Pro version of BF Scalper. Now, what changed the developers made in this bot? We will see it in this BF Scalper Pro Review.

bf scalper pro


The primary features of the BF Scalper Pro version.

  • It comes with a relatively strong and basic trading strategy.
  • Much decreased levels of risk while trading.
  • A new ATR based algorithm is introduced in this Pro version of BF Scalper EA.
  • Comprehensive performance of backtesting of 18 years’ time period.
  • It also has the volatility filter foe the most effective trades.
  • Availability of strong multi-currency pairs. Some of these are GBPUSD, EYRUSD, EURCHF, EURAUD, EURCAD, GBPCAD, USDCAD, USDCHF, and USDJPY.
  • Updates and notification system available for the traders of BF Scalper Pro EA.
  • To cover up the gaps, the Friday rule system.
  • The grid system is available in the BF Scalper Pro EA. But it is completely optional.
  • The time frame is completely adjustable, but the recommendable time frame is M15.

What is the Trading strategy of BF Scalper Pro EA?

This part of the BF Scalper Pro EA Review covers all the trading strategies of this bot. After the deep analysis of traders liking and disliking, the Forex Automated Company launched a new product with the latest and the most innovative features and strategy. This software was developed on such principles and strategy that satisfied the traders in a quite good manner. Let us now discuss some of its most amazing and prominent specs.

It is supported by meta trader 4, MT4 trading platform that helps the traders trade in the perfect times and with perfect trends to earn high profits. If we talk about the time frame of the trade, it can be adjustable. The trader can select according to his or her choice. But if the experts and advisers’ opinion is taken then M15, means 15 minutes of the time frame for the trade is best because it gives timely turnovers.

The currency pairs are also very appropriate, and the following are some of those, GBPUSD, EYRUSD, EURCHF, EURAUD, EURCAD, GBPCAD, USDCAD, USDCHF, and USDJPY. It also has a scalping feature and also a grid system that completely depends on the trader’s choice. This is optional. This online trading bot can be customized, its strategies and the settings can be adjustable, so it liked very much in the market.

Prices and packages of this bot.

This section of BF Scalper Pro Review is all about the pricings. It is also giving a 20% discount, so the offers come up as;

Normal price (of the package): 147 US DOLLARS.

Discounted price (of the package): 117 US DOLLARS.

  • One live/real account is available.
  • Three accounts are more. (Demo) for trade
  • Cashback guarantee within 60 days of the time limit.

Trader’s payment mode is very convenient because the payment modes are very diverse. They can select any method that they want, PayPal, credit card, bank transfer, etc.

Conclusion of BF Scalper Pro Review

Heading towards the conclusion of the BF Scalper Pro Review, this is a recommended online trading software that satisfies the traders up to the next levels. You can personalize it the way you want and can gain high profits. It also gives the verification of live accounts and backtesting. So this can prove a perfect trading robot.

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  • Works on smaller Timeframes
  • Based on Premium Algo
  • 11 years off Backtesting reports
  • Real People